New Courses For The Autumn

Take a look at what we have planned for the Autumn term.

 Courses September to December 2019

  • Three Day Introduction to Figurative Sculpting 9th – 11th Cost is £220 – includes all equipment, lunches and firing. Sculptors will be working from a life model and will produce sketch pieces and a final, more detailed work for firing.
  • Try out Sculpting  Day – Saturday 21st 10am to 4pm. Working from a life model to produce sketch pieces. Cost is £65, does not include firing.
  • Sculpting a Classical head from plaster casts – Six Monday mornings from 16th September 10am to 1pm. Cost is £150 excluding firing.
  • Three Day Portrait Head Course 21st to 23rd  October – Cost is £200 and includes, firing, all equipment and lunches. Sculptors will produce a life size portrait working from a life model.
  • Sculpting With Coils of Clay – Six Monday mornings starting from Monday 4th Cost is £150 excluding firing. Sculptors will be producing  a figurative piece working from a life model and photographs. (If sculptors prefer not to use coils that option is available)

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Sculpting with slabs of clay – How it went!

Here are some photographs from our last sculpting course, using slabs of clay.

During week one, we each made a clay sketch working from a life model.  We used this to map a template of the final work on a board. The boards were 60cm x 60cm, the maximum for the kiln we are using. We worked with crank which is clay with the addition of  grog. The grog is pre-fired pottery that has been ground down to varying degrees, with a range of textures. This is added to clay to give it structure, speed up the drying process and reduce shrinkage. This type of clay is ideal for sculptural work, it is slightly more expensive than the sanded buff which is our standard clay. The slabs were cut a couple of days before the class, using a clay harp. Each bag of clay produced approximately 8 slabs approximately 18cm x 24cm. The slabs needed to harden over a couple of days so that they held their shape whilst working. We used scrunched up newspaper to hold the work until it dried sufficiently to be self supporting. The process of achieving the basic shape took about four weeks. The time between classes being sufficient for the work to dry enough to be stable, allowing it to be gradually built up. The remaining two weeks were spent adding details and individual features such as hair and texture. During the final week six we turned the piece and finished from underneath, checking the thickness to make it suitable for firing, reducing some areas and reinforcing edges to ensure it’s strength.  As these pieces are sizeable the plan is to locate them outside in gardens, possibly at the edge of a pond.  At the moment though they are still in the studio drying out.


New sculpting courses in November

Sculpting starts Mondays from 5th November for six weeks. Sculptors will work on  a seated female figure. Cost is £135 excluding firing. Wednesdays from 7th November for six weeks sculpting a portrait. Cost is £135 excluding firing. Each class starts at 10am and finishes at 1pm. All materials are supplied. Both are taught by Miranda Wakeman and suitable for beginners.

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Learn to Sculpt – New courses September 2018

Monday class – Sculpt a Portrait Head. This course starts on 17th September and runs for six weeks.

Wednesday Class – Sculpt a female figure – This course starts on 19th September and runs for six weeks.

Each class starts at 10am and runs to 1pm. Cost of each course is £135 which includes materials and tools but excludes firing. The course is taught by experienced sculptor and teacher Miranda Wakeman and is suitable for all levels.

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Learn sculpting skills

Take a look at our new courses!

Starting Monday 11th June, a five week course learning to sculpt in relief. Working from a life model. Cost is £100 plus approx £10 firing cost. Hours are from 10am to 1pm.

Starting Wednesday 13th June a five week course learning to sculpt using slabs of clay. We will be sculpting a three quarter size male torso. Cost is £120 plus firing cost.

Starting Monday 16th July a three day portrait head course working from a life model. Cost is £170 plus a firing charge of £10. Hours are 10am to 4pm.

All of these courses are suitable for beginners and will be taught by sculptor Miranda Wakeman.  Contact for more details or to book.